Symbols for Writers

About the Symbols for Writers Series: I’ve written a number of times about the power of intuition and symbols to enhance your writing practice. Exploring a symbol can kick-start your creative process, help you to understand a creative block, or enable you to express a complex concept in a condensed package. Lately, it seems that all my best ideas and insights arise from exercises that tap into the nonlinear, nonverbal part of my brain.

Clock Symbol

When my friend Laura hosted an impromptu discussion of symbols and writing–using  beautifully illustrated cards as a jumping-off point–I was struck by an idea: she should create a collection of such images and symbols for writers. Each image could be paired with an explanation of its symbolic meaning, maybe a writing exercise, and she could share her wealth of knowledge about imagery, dreams, and symbolism with an audience who needs to access intuition on a daily basis. 

As I expounded on the idea, Laura interrupted with a laugh. “This sounds like your vision,” she said. “Maybe it’s something you should explore.” And so this project was born.

I’ve found that symbols and imagery can trigger valuable insights into writing, life, problem-solving, finding joy, and more. Since I’d love to have a collection of such images, coupled with text and questions geared toward writers, I hope you will enjoy them as well! 

Below is a complete list of posts in the Symbols for Writers series. I’ll add new symbols and creative exercises as time allows!

The Clock

The Island


The Baby